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Our Mission and Values

Math Boost is committed to eliminating math anxiety by engaging students in activities that are nonthreatening, confidence building and relevant.  Instruction is student-centered and meets learners where they are to bring them to where they need to be.

At Math Boost, we understand that not every student learns the same. This is why we personalize our tutoring to each student’s learning style.

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Services We Offer

Do you or your child struggle with math? Look no further! At Math Boost, we take the time to see how you learn. Then we customize tutoring to your unique learning style. Book your first session today!

At Math Boost we offer mathematics tutoring in a variety of areas including:

Elementary Math, Middle School Math, High School Math, College Math

End of Grade Test, End of Course Test, Graduation Exam


GACE Math Prep, GRE Math Prep, GMAT Math Prep

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