“This workshop was great!  The instructor took her time to ensure that the children were indeed getting it.  She kept the kids engaged and my son got his multiplication.  This should be at the very least a monthly thing.  Thank you for this valuable workshop.  I will take the lessons learned to help assist my son.”

-Ms. Webb (Mother of 9-year-old rising 4th grader)

“Thank you for the opportunity to spend time in an atmosphere that exposes us to numbers!!  The more the exposure,t he better the development.”
– Ms. Johnson (Mother of 5-year-old rising Kindergartener)

“Today’s workshop was great.”                                    
 -Christian (9 year old rising 4th grader)

“Very patient, good program.  I look forward to coming again.”
– Ms. Simpson (Mother of 12-year-old, rising 7th grader)

“Good! Great!  Thank You.”                                                
 – Ms. Crawford

“I really like the math pattern to recognize doubles.  I like the number recognition game (Go Fish).  I learned something about multiplication that I can pass on to the other children.  I really liked the math workshop.  Smiley Face.”
– Ms. McCalla (Older cousin of 5-year-old kindergartener)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Math Workshop today.  As an educator, I’m always looking for methods and ideas to hone my craft.  Ms. New is a true teacher who teaches math in an easy, simplistic manner that help children/adults find the answer through reasoning and thinking.  I love the way we used problem solving strategies to solve real like problems.  I plan to attend more of her workshops.  She is an amazing educator who makes math fun and meaningful.”

– Ms. Harris (Educator)

 “Working with Ms. New has been great. She has been tutoring me and helping me overcome my fear of math. Ms. New is very hands-on and specific.  She makes sure I understand the topic and if I am keeping up. “

– Kennedi (High School Freshman, Algebra I)

“You are an AMAZING person. You are the reason my son was able to graduate high school on time. With your help, not only did he improve his grade in class, but he passed the math portion of the graduation test on the first try. You were reasonable on pricing; you were flexible as well as convenient. The knowledge and the spirit that you possess is one of a kind. With that being said, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. “

– Ms. Cook (Mother of High School Senior)