Our Staff

Bridget New, MSPH

Lead Tutor

Bridget New is a mathematics teacher who has been certified in math for over 20 years. She has 35+ years of tutoring experience and has tutored elementary through adult learners. Bridget has been a high school classroom teacher for nearly 10 years, of which 1 year was spent teaching middle schoolers as well.  Ms. New has been a college instructor for over 10 years. This middle, secondary and post secondary instruction has been in both private and public settings.  In addition,  she has had tutoring contracts with 4 school districts in the metro Atlanta area where she recruited, trained and supervised certified  teachers and tutors. She holds 2 masters degrees, one of which is in biostatistics. Most importantly, Ms. New believes that every child can learn and succeed in math. She enjoys seeing how students learn by assessing their individual learning styles, meeting them where they are and using confidence building techniques to bring them to where they need to be. Ms. New is particularly skilled at preparing students for high stakes standardized tests, including end of grade, end of course, graduation, GED, ASVAB, SAT and ACT tests.